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27 JOD

The Century Girls: The Final Word from the Women Who've Lived the Past Hundred Years of British History [ Hardcover ]
Author: Tessa Dunlop 
Binding: Hardcover (368 pages)
Language: English
ISBN 10: 1471161323
ISBN 13: 9781471161322
Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.4 x 3.2 cm , 0.58 kg
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK ( 2018-02-22 )
Description: A celebration of the one-hundred years since British women got the vote, told, in their own voices, by six centenarians: Helena, Olive, Edna, Joyce, Ann and Phyllis - The Century Girls? In 2018 Britain celebrates the centenary of some women getting the vote. The intervening ten decades have witnessed staggering change, and The Century Girls features six women born in 1918 or before who haven't just witnessed that change, they've lived it. Empire shrank, war came and went, and modern society demanded continual readjustment... the Century Girls lasted the course, and this book weaves together their lifetime's adventures - what they were taught, how they were treated, who they loved, what they did and where they are now. Product Information: ISBN: 9781471161322 Author: Tessa Dunlop Publisher: Simon & Schuster Format: Hardback Pages: 340 Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 3cm
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