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22.94 JOD

Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet [ Paperback ]
Author: Lisa Riley 
Binding: Paperback (256 pages)
Language: English
ISBN 10: 071818887X
ISBN 13: 9780718188870
Dimensions: 23 x 19.4 x 2.2 cm , 0.76 kg
Publisher: Michael Joseph ( 2017-12-28 )
Description: Lisa Riley lets us in on the secrets behind her incredible 12-stone weight loss. FEEL and LOOK GREAT the simple way with Lisa. AS SEEN ON THIS MORNING, In Lisa's Honesty segment that continues throughout January.'I loved Lisa's 'tough love' ., . . that none of the recipes took hours to prepare and cook., People have commented that my face looks thinner and my skin looks GOOD' - Clare After years wearing size-30 clothes and convincing herself she was 'fat but happy', Lisa Riley finally took control of her body and shed a remarkable 12 stone. Significantly healthier, infinitely happier and proud of her slim new figure, Lisa now reveals how she lost all that weight and - more importantly - kept it off. Lisa knows that if she can do it, anyone can., The very first thing she had to tackle was her thinking, and in this book you'll discover the strategies that helped her get honest with herself, along with her advice for becoming more active and how to stay on track when cravings strike or you've had a bad day. Lisa also shares: * A simple 8-day eating plan to kick things off * Fast, easy, delicious low-carb recipes * An 'honesty diary' section for keeping track of progress and motivating yourself * All the pitfalls and stumbling blocks to watch out for * Tips for staying healthy when on-the-go and eating out * Everyday fitness ideas that anyone can do With Lisa's help, you can put the fibs and excuses behind you, kick those bad habits and achieve the body and health you've always dreamed of.***What readers say about Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet . ., . 'I loved the food, the simplicity of the meals and the plan . ., . It has changed my outlook on eating and losing weight, my portion size and my body size' - Vivien 'I have a dress which I last wore 3 years ago . ., . today I tried the same outfit and whizzed the zip up and down. It was comfortable and a little loose! I'm with Lisa every step of my journey' - Elaine'I would recommend this to anyone ., . . Lisa's amazing transf
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