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The 4 Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life [ Paperback ]
Author: Dr Rangan Chatterjee 
Binding: Paperback (272 pages)
Language: English
ISBN 10: 0241303559
ISBN 13: 9780241303559
Dimensions: 23 x 18.8 x 2 cm , 0.78 kg
Publisher: Penguin Life ( 2017-12-28 )

How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life

For a new you from the star of BBC1's Doctor in the House. Dr Rangan Chattergee presents an accessible plan for taking control of your health and life by making small achievable changes to your daily routine.

Everyday health revolves around Dr Chatterjee's four pillars: relaxation, food, sleep and movement. By making small, achievable changes in each of these key areas you can create and maintain good health - and avoid illness. It's not about excelling at any one pillar - what matters is the balance across all the things you do, including: An electronic 'sabbath' once a week, aiming for 12 hours every day without food and exposure to sunlight first thing each morning.

Based on cutting edge research and his own experiences as a doctor, this book contains fascinating case studies from real patients. Practical and potentially life-changing, The Four Pillar Plan is an inspiring and easy-to-follow guide to better health and happiness.

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780241303559

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